The poverty problem solution which fulfill the needs of the Thailand leaders.

Mission of the ASEC project

ASEC PROJECT was initiated with its objective to fulfill the needs of the leaders in Thailand who have realized the problem of poverty that is still prevalent in ASEAN community. It is necessary to raise the awareness of such problem to the public. Fintech shall be employed to establish IT infrastructure in order to provide opportunities to the citizens. With the use of Smart Contract, Blockchain technology is the key for ASEC PROJECT to implement the development of IT Platforms according to the necessities of the citizens in each particular locality based upon its social and cultural background.

Reducing Education Gap
Education gap is one of the major problems in Southeast Asia where academic background of an individual plays a vital role for one’s career path throughout a whole life. Thailand is a good example for the fact that the number of orphans is relatively high. These children were raised and supported in orphanages and charitable organizations. Therefore, a chance for them to be engaged in higher education is completely out of the question. It is impossible for those who is educationally deprived to get access to career opportunities, to improve their economic status. There is a high chance that they might become the social problem which is an obstacle for a national development. ASEC PROJECT plans to appropriate some portion of its revenue to financial aid for the purpose of education by giving scholarships to those who need financial support for one’s personal development.
Economic Development by Building IT Infrastructure
Fintech will become the key for national development in our generation within ASEAN region. With the use of Blockchain technology, several Platforms from ASEC PROJECT are planned to be launched to provide several services to the public in different segments: medical care, education, agriculture, fishery, real estate, import-export, retail business, manufacturing industry and so on.
Asec scheme

ASEC project details

How do we leverage our potential & technology for economic & social betterment?

  The most powerful weapon in our modern days is knowledge. Along with Blockchain technology, education has its massive power to transform people by enabling them to contribute a myriad of innovative solutions to the community.

Name Ceo Asec

  Despite the fact that our environment has immensely been improved over the last decades, many problems have still been unresolved. Having a chance to work with NGOs & public organization a few years ago was considered as a valuable experience for me. This allowed me to broaden my horizon to realize how critical the education gap in Thailand is in reality.

  This kind of situation also occurs in other ASEAN countries. The education is the main issue to be focused upon for further improvement to solve the existing problems. However, many ASEAN countries are employing their budgets on the development of national infrastructure instead of human development. In ancient times, people need to be equipped with weapons in order to survive and protect themselves from enemies. The most powerful weapon in our modern days is “knowledge.” Education has the power to shape a person to become influential and be able to contribute something back to the society. We can look at Singapore as the example; its government has invested a large amount of money in the education for the younger generations.
  They are the ones who will further develop the country and pass on the know-how to the next generation.

I strongly believe that this Fintech is the key to our near future. Blockchain technology will certainly enable ASEC Frontier to create invention that shall offer beneficial Platform to better up the quality of life of the citizens. By the use of Fintech, ASEC Frontier members have a strong commitment to realize an efficient eco-system for the sustainable development within ASEAN region.

With its unique technological capability, Fintech is the key to enable ASEC PROJECT’s mission to strengthen the economy of ASEAN community as a whole.

ASEC PROJECT has its ultimate goal to solve the problem of poverty in Southeast Asian nations and better up its economic status and provide more education opportunity to the citizens by using Blockchain technology. I believe using up-to-date technologies to improve the quality of human is the key to sustainable development. This Fintech is moving so fast and is being applied to a large variety of industries in many developed countries. According to the statistical data, it can be predicted that Fintech will become more prevalent in the near future within ASEAN community. We feel obligated to be the pioneer to apply this Fintech to be ready for this ever-changing world.

Blockchain technologies have been widely used in different fields of enterprise in several developed countries. We are determined to develop our solid Blockchain technology & customized Platform for each ASEAN community based on one’s demographic and cultural factor.

ICO campaign has become increasingly more popular activity in many developed countries. Meanwhile, this trend will certainly be introduced to ASEAN in the near future. Through the funds from foreign investors, ASEAN economy can shift its status to the next level. Several problems shall be resolved through various initiative projects with the use of cutting-edge technology like Blockchain by providing useful Platforms to create any opportunities for the citizens in order to reduce the economic gap. Our team and I strongly believe that ASEC Frontier has it all for what we need to achieve our goal in this project.

Name advisor Asec



The blockchain sector is expected to become one of the biggest sectors in the digital economy, as there has been large scale acceptance and enthusiasm about the technology across the world. The immense potential of the system in terms of the economic changes it can induce is even huge.


The sector, however, faces difficulties in scaling up. The players are essentially disconnected, and the different allied service providers do not have a very strong information system over which they can operate.


The ASEC ecosystem not only tries to simplify the blockchain space, but it is also trying to make it efficient and integrated like most established industrial sectors are. The attempt is to make the industry into a meeting point for entrepreneurs to interact and network within the sector and make smoother business moves.


The ASEC platform is a blockchain-based business communication network with a socially-oriented goal. The company aims to make the gaps between the different enterprises in the sector, whether allied businesses or individual entrepreneurs and corporations, go away. It is in this way supposed to tackle some of the most stringent problems of the ASEAN region. The platform is not simply motivated from a business perspective but also strives towards the integrated development of the society.


The ASEC foundation through this platform tries to solve the myriad problems that the economy of the ASEAN region faces. The economy has not only been faced with inequality, but also unemployment. The ASEC platform seeks to bring efficiency within the economy by influencing several sectors like health, education, exports, and businesses among others. This way the growth prospects of the economy will be sustained, ultimately leading to more equity as the project will take into consideration the ground realities of the community.

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Employment Services

The reduction in friction in the labor market of the sector is one of the main aims of the platform. The platform will allow the people to not only promote their skills and market their services but also corporations to post job opportunities with their organizations.

Online Marketing

The platform will allow companies to market their products on a digital medium. The companies will be able to not only advertise them but also carry out transactions over the secure platform through the internal token. This will eventually make the transactions more transparent, and make competitive pricing a reality for the sector.

Crowd Funding

Smaller companies or startups will be able to use the platform to raise funds for new projects or expansion. The platform will allow the companies which have a consistent record or an efficient proof of work to seek out industry leaders, greater corporates and investors as well.

Networking Services

The various entities within the sector will be able to communicate on this platform through a number of methods. The businesses will be able to give details about their company’s achievements and areas of specialization. This will also let people chat in real-time, connect or follow each other creating a comprehensive chain of relations.

Asec scheme

ABCG - Art Blockchain Glass - is designed to be a virtual space where artists and any types of art creators can fully express themselves through this cyber platform. This space will also act as a marketplace for all users of ABCG to come across and learn from each other, trade goods and offer digital arts and relevant services through internet which is nowadays reinforced its security by the blockchain technology.

Many asked me why this platform was named as a “glass” platform. Personally, I am very much fond of the word “glass” as this word itself has such profound meanings and various connotations that lie within it. Think of it as a material that could be blown into different shapes; this represents a space for endless creativity, for instance, a glass of wine, a glass fish bowl, liqueur glass bottle or even Murano decorative glass, you name it. As long as you have no boundaries of imagination, it could be anything. That’s a fascinating side of it.

Company profile

Company NameASEC Frontier (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
LocationBangkok, Thailand
Registration Date27 March, 2017
Business DetailsPromoting the business of ASEC PROJECT
Legal AdvisorHidetoshi Nakano (Grow-will International Law Firm)
Capital2 million Thai Baht (Approximately 64 thousand US Dollar, as of March, 2018: Exchange Rate: 1THB = 0.032 US$)
Affiliated CompaniesVanuatu—ASEC Frontier Limited (Port Vila), established in January 2017 Issuance of ASEC COIN during the pre-sales period