ASEC Project Medical Platform

“ASEC Medical Platform”, is one of the cores of the ASEC Project. It provides Thai medical professionals the latest medical information on the medical practices of the developed countries such as European countries and Japan for the hospitals and universities. Simultaneously, it is an application that provides an opportunity of internal communication within each organization.

Regarding to the need of the app, we have been convinced of its need through repeated interviews with doctors at leading hospitals in Thailand and stakeholders of the medical schools. In addition, the growth rate of Thailand's GDP has slowed down in recent years to around 4%, while the growth rate of the healthcare-related market is about 10%, which is more than twice. Therefore, we believe in the significance of ASEC Medical Platform (*).

In fact, some of the top national university hospitals in Thailand have already decided to adopt this Platform, and that will be adopting the leading medical facilities in Thailand in the future.

More information and details such as application’s specifications and adopted medical institutions will be announced by the end of February. The launch is expected to be in April of 2020. In the meantime, the platform development will still be ongoing, but Medical Platform will be first priority. We keep the workflow and we will be looking forward to your support.

We greatly appreciate your kind cooperation.

ASEC Project Medical Platform Team



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