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ASEC Frontier was successfully listed on Alterdice on October 12, 2019

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The company has been established in March 2017 and it was a long journey untul ASEC opened the trades. We appreciate everyone for the support, cooperation and inspiration! Thank you very much to all of you.

Listing on the exchange is not our primary goal, it is just the beginning of the next step, and in fact the roadmap has already been developed including some projects that are very meaningful for Thai and ASEAN people. One of them, is the ASEC Medical Project which will be announced in the nearest future, please stay tuned.

After listing, our former CEO Mr. Vasin Thepsoparn made a tough decision to leave ASEC Frontier Thailand. There are exciting things coming and our team works hard to achieve more than we did before. I strongly believe in what we do and in the path we have chosen. I know that nothing would not be possible without your support. Kindly ask to keep it the way it is for the ASEC Project, for us and for everyone touched by our idea.


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