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"Medical Leaders Thailand" will launch on September 25th.

The latest application assisting you to a promising future of Thai medical community

"Medical Leaders Thailand" will launch on September 25th.

We also support Continuing Pharmaceutical Education (CPE)

ASEC Frontier (Thailand) Co., Ltd., is pleased to launch an application called “Medical Leaders Thailand” (MLT). MLT provides updated medical information from all over the world for healthcare professionals, and aims to enhance users’ experiences by providing a simple, modern and timesaving way to access information. Our users will never miss the opportunity to update news and important information timely. We hope to be a part supporting their work in this digital and global age that news and information change all the time. Moreover, the application also gathers special deals offering for healthcare professionals such as promotions from restaurants, hotels, travel agencies and so on. MLT is available for download for free from 25th September 2020 onwards.

Three main functions in MLT are:

1. News is a function that presents a wide range of information, such as academic articles gathered from authoritative sources from Europe, America and Asia, as well as clinical reviews, infographics and interviews from various medical experts in MLT Original, including the prestigious medical media introduced for the first time in Thailand. For the qualification of our information, all the translated contents are proofed by healthcare professionals to make sure that they are entirely correct. This function also has Lifestyle category, which collects the special offers and promotions mentioned above.

2. Hospital* is a tool for hospitals to announce and promote their activities. Moreover, users can also register for meetings or hospital seminars through this function as well.

3. Board is a space to exchange opinions and experiences between users in both options, Public or Private*.

Professor Dr. Thapana Boonlar, CEO of ASEC Frontier and president of ASIAN INSTITUTE OF LOGISTICS FOUNDATION (AIL), said “MLT's core concept is to collect information to meet the needs of healthcare professionals comprehensively. So, we have signed an official contract with Medical Tribune, Japan's No.1 medical media, to offer unique articles, together with Faculty of Pharmacy, Huachiew Chalermprakiet University, to be an official channel for healthcare professionals to access CPE credit collection more conveniently as we realize the importance of the continuing education system in Thailand.”

ASEC Frontier (Thailand) Co., Ltd., was established in 2017 with a commitment to operate business with transparency. The company is willing to support Thai society especially in the area of ​​education and medical. “The dedication and the hard work of healthcare professionals to take care of patients have brought Thai medical community to an international level. As the company is aware of their determination and sacrifice in performing such duties. Therefore, we initiated the development of MLT applications for them. We hope that MLT will be a small part to support healthcare professionals by offering useful information such as medical, pharmaceutical and health information from around the world. Furthermore, with MLT, users will be able to connect with the lastest information faster, more convenient and more efficient, as well as reduce the time spent in searching for information.” Prof. Dr. Thapana said.

For those interested, please visit to get more information, or download the application for free via App Store and Google Play.


1 Empire Tower, Unit 1509 15th floor South Sathorn road, Yannawa, Sathorn, Bangkok, Thailand 10120



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