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This is the unveiling of ASEC Project 2.0.

The ASEC project has been working to correct the disparities in Southeast Asia from both medical and financial perspectives.

The number of members of MEDICAL LEADERS THAILAND, a medical information platform launched to correct the information gap among medical professionals, continues to increase and is highly evaluated by medical professionals in Thailand.

Then, in 2021, the ASEC project will move to the next phase.

■ Start of ASEC Project 2.0

The ASEC Project 2.0 will solidify the foundation we have built so far and develop new businesses.

The business plan that will be released with the development of the new business will describe the history of the project, the concept of the new business, and a marketing plan to increase the price of the ASEC token, which has already gone public and become a public token.

Now let's take a look at the full ASEC Project 2.0.


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