Udonthani hospital reforms emergency rooms to smart ER

Udonthani Hospital plan to reform emergency rooms (ER) to 'Smart Emergency Room'. Generally, ER in every hospital has to accommodate all kinds of patients. Aside from emergency patients, ER is also used to support general patients who come after office hours, causing a very congested ER in many hospitals. In addition, working conditions are likely to cause high stress. For this matter, Udonthani hospital plan to emphasize the safety of staff and patients along with the development of information systems. The hospital has developed the Smart ER program, in which the operation will save 100% electronic data. Patient examination will use a tablet that can connect data in the database. Doctors can access information from anywhere. At the same time, the data will be displayed on the monitor in front of the ER room and in the waiting area to update patient’s status in real time. The Smart ER system is in the process of development, starting with the trial in November 2019 and preparing to officially open on April 1, 2020.



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