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ASEC Frontier Singapore Establishment ReportExpanding into the cryptocurrency field with a new base

Updated: May 26, 2021

May 22, 2021 (Sat)

ASEC FRONTIER SINGAPORE PTE LTD. (AFS) was established in Singapore as a new group company for the ASEC project.

ーPurpose of establishing the AFS

AFS aims to establish a cryptocurrency business unit that is linked to the promotion business. As a result, AFS will function as a group company that will greatly contribute to the expansion of ASEC Coin's applications and improvement of its usage value. We are convinced that Singapore is open to the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry and is the perfect base for the next step up in the ASEC project.

The CEO of AFS is Mr. Yuki Ueda, who has continued to help promote the project since the inception of the ASEC project. We have absolute confidence in him as the key person responsible for the development and support of our entire diversified and expanding business. We hope that this will be a driving force that will greatly advance ASEC as a whole and spread our activities around the world. Please refer to the following for the company profile.




Registration Date:05/05/2021

Legal Advisor:Hidetoshi Nakano ( Grow-will International Law Firm)

Registration Address:20 COLLYER QUAY #23-1 20 COLLYER QUAY SINGAPORE (049319)

*AFS Official Web Site

With the establishment of the new company, the division of business between AFT and AFS will be clarified.

ーBusiness Segments of ASEC Project

AFT:Medical business Operation of Medical Leaders Thailand (MLT)

AFS:Operation of blockchain and cryptocurrency-related businesses

ーSupport for ASEC coin-related issues

AFS will respond to any questions or requests related to the ASEC project's blockchain and cryptocurrency business and ASEC coins. For questions or support requests, please contact us via the official website.

ーCommencement of a full-scale approach to the cryptocurrency domain

We are now preparing a variety of measures. All of these measures are leading to the growth of the ASEC project. The establishment of AFS signals the start of a full-scale approach to the cryptocurrency field. Stay tuned for “many” more surprises in the near future.


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